About Organic Island

Nowadays, business is all about stories. Here are some of the racier bits of the Organic Island story.

Elephant Souvenirs

Elephant Souvenirs

1) We are a husband and wife team – Tim and Misty. Misty does the design and runs the production. Tim does the web design, photography, filmmaking, marketing, PR, and sales.

Misty is a born designer. The toy designs just pour out of her fully-formed. When we started more than a decade ago, Tim was the designer, but he’s colour-blind and it showed. Misty saved the day.

2) Tim and Misty met in China in 1997. Tim distinguished himself by falling asleep during one of their first dates. Misty found this “romantic”. They were married in a cement factory.

3) Tim and Misty started ChunkiChilli, our UK brand, in the early noughties, using it as a way of providing employment in remote parts of Southwest China where the state enterprises were closing down.

4) They originally made some of the world’s most outrageous jumpers. Some people loved us. A lot of people didn’t.

5) They made, and still make, some of the world’s most colourful Christmas stockings. Customers in the UK can’t get enough of them.

6) Tim and Misty created the Organic Island brand specifically for Asia, intending it as a localised brand with local styles and costumes available only in one particular country. They have a tropical range, a traditional Chinese range, and a Thai range available only here in Thailand.

Thai Souvenirs

Thai Souvenirs

7) Some have said that the Thai range does not look traditionally Thai, and that has sparked heated conversations at Organic Island about what a Thai range should look like. Tim’s argument, for what it is worth, is that a great many tourists associate Thailand with the colourful trousers that you find on Khao San Road as well as those beautiful shirts with Asian toggle buttons. They may not be traditional, but they seem to us intrinsically Thai.

8) Their range of animal head golf club covers has apparently become a run-away sensation in South Korea. Their range of pom-pom golf club covers has also been popular in the UK for many years. We are expecting both of these ranges to go down well in golf-mad Thailand.

9) Tim and Misty have built up a long and fruitful relationship with a small town in Sichuan, known to the locals as the place where they knit socks for giants (Christmas stockings). If you were to visit, you’d see knitting wherever you went – on the street, in the teahouse, in the hair salon, on boats going up and down the Yangtze River. When Misty visits, she’s treated like a local hero, carrying the weight of the town’s expectations on her shoulders, which can feel like quite a burden.

10) Tim and Misty will never forget the hospitality and generosity of the people of this small town, and they are determined to build a strong and successful company to justify the hopes of the local people.

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