Organic Island Tales

A Christmas Carrot

Lucy Elephant

Lucy Elephant

Lucy Elephant was hard at work in the Tea Leaf Resort, making sure that everything was ready for the Christmas arrival of a convention of rabbits from the Mainland Carrot Corporation.

The rabbits were flying to Organic Island on the lunchtime flying boat. The flight was almost due.

As she threw open the last of the bedroom shutters, Lucy felt the hum of the approaching plane fill the sun-drenched room.

“So much still to do,” muttered Lucy as she hurried to the lobby.

At the grand entrance, she saw a monkey in rather attractive dungarees dangling from a giant red banner that read, “Welcome to the 43rd meeting of the Carrot Corp. Huzzah!”

“Careful there, Melvin,” said Lucy, as the Monkey swung past her.
“Sorry, Mrs E, I fell off the ladder again,” said the monkey.
“I’ve warned you about this before,” she said, but she smiled to herself. She was always catching Melvin swinging on things as if by accident.

For a moment, she pondered the large banner. The ‘Huzzah’ had appealed to her at the time but now seemed like an unnecessary flourish. Still, she knew it was an important meeting. Maybe the exclamation would inspire them to greater things.

“My goodness. They’re here already,” said Lucy as a row of twitchy rabbit ears appeared at the top of the sand dune outside.

The first to appear over the dune was a very dapper rabbit in an orange waistcoat and a most distinctive pair of red and white striped ears.

This was Gervais Rabbit, recruited at great expense from Scratchy & Snatchy, the advertising agency.

“Friends, Romans and Rabbits,” said Gervais….


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